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December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, eat a kangaroo. . .

Let's talk about eating kangaroo. When I was a restauranteur, I put kangaroo on the menu. Yes, it was a bizarre move to serve kangaroo in the middle of Colorado; but it was something that we tested and played with using a variety of different sauces and preparations. Eventually we hit on a few preparations that made sense and had a good flavor profile. So we rotated them through the menu. They weren't stars by any means, but they weren't dogs either. Price points tended to the higher end, but you could also work out burgers and appetizers to balance a decent margin.

While this article about eating kangaroo is laden with the current "abrupt climate change" hysteria, the concept of consuming kangaroo makes sense on a number of different fronts. Kangaroo is a lean meat which can fit into health conscious consumer's diets. It's a tasty meat, a bit gamey, but no more so than elk; which can make for a fabulous meal for the adventurous. While I think environmental reasons are about the last reason for consuming kangaroo, I will suggest that one can "sell" this unconventional meat to customers, family or friends using that angle. This is one way to create some buzz among greenies and charge a premium for it if you're so inclined.

What attracts me most about eating kangaroo is the long term potential for a domesticated ranchable species which thrives on land that other livestock does not. That translates into some serious long term economic potential. Let's also give a nod to diversity of the food chain and a firm thumbs up for variety.

Oh yeah. . . Merry Christmas.


Posted by JasonColeman at December 25, 2008 9:55 AM

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