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November 29, 2007

Yet ANOTHER Democrat Plant at the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate. . .

Ok, this is getting ridiculous, yet another Democrat posing as a Republican for the CNN/YouTube debate.

This one is David McMillan, an aspiring TV writer in California, AND, a Bush and Rove hatin', John Edwards fan, who asked why the Republican party doesn't attract more African-Americans to it's side.

I'm beginning to wonder, did CNN try to Vet these questions at all???? I mean, come on people, all you had to do was look at his YouTube page which features multiple videos about John Edwards, more than a couple of VERY tasteless and discriminatory videos featuring the "Blind Black Republican" (of course the "it's just satire" excuse would probably be put in play here by defenders, but I'm sure that a satirical video featuring the Deaf Dominican Democrat would be villified by libs far and wide). Not satisfied with David's video collection as proof of his liberal/democrat bona fides? Ok, then check out his blog, which is light on links but does feature as it's sole blogger on his blogroll, that most famous of sock-puppeteers, Glen Greenwald.

The more names I check, the more convinced I am that not only did CNN not take the time to examine the appropriateness of the questions and questioners, but rather they must have actually gone out of their way to select a majority of liberal questioners asking asinine "gotcha" questions.

So far, every name I've checked has either been a democrat supporter, a democrat operative, or a Paulite/pseudo-dem (see: Emily Ekins, Joseph Dearing).

Exit question for CNN (although I'll never get an answer): Did you endeavor to select ANY questions from real Republicans other than Grover's?


UPDATE: In an earlier entry, I found another, concerned corn boy is actually a former intern of a California Congresswoman.

WELCOME: Michelle Malkin and Hot Air readers, please take a look around, and let me say thanks to all who made my return to blogging a blockbuster experience. It reminds me of the night Dan Riehl turned me on to the Taliban Burned Bodies story.

Oh, yeah, sorry about the comments thing, I locked them down to avoid spam while the blog was dormant, they're working now.


Posted by JasonColeman at November 29, 2007 3:58 AM