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November 29, 2007

Using my green thumb to find plants. . .

So, I'm sitting here a few hours after the CNN/YouTube debate just cruising the net reading the unfolding saga of the numerous plants "selected" to question the Republican candidates, and I thought to myself. . . "Who would I suspect to be a plant?"

So here we go:

The guy who asked the question about corn subsidies, Ted Faturos, is a former intern for Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman.

Really now. . . would it have killed CNN to google some of these people?


UPDATE: Apparently, here's another one.

UPDATE 2: "Concerned Corn Boy" is covering his tracks.

UPDATE 3: I highly recommend Michelle Malkin and Hot Air's (2) coverage of democrats masquerading as republicans in last nights debate, also Patterico has some very good commentary (and thanks for the link Patterico). Also check out the views at The Autopsy, Dinah Lord, and Wizbang.

WELCOME: Michelle Malkin and Hot Air readers, please take a look around, and let me say thanks to all who made my return to blogging a blockbuster experience. It reminds me of the night Dan Riehl turned me on to the Taliban Burned Bodies story.

Oh, yeah, sorry about the comments thing, I locked them down to avoid spam while the blog was dormant, they're working now.

UPDATE 4: Ted Faturos responds.


Posted by JasonColeman at November 29, 2007 2:49 AM